Too True

I found something I agree with strongly on View From the Porch:

You know what bugs me? Serious fighting pistols with high-dollar price tags that have obviously never been used for anything but holding down the carpet on the gun safe shelf. Colt Gunsites and Les Baer Thunder Ranch Specials that have obviously never been to Gunsite or Thunder Ranch; HK USP Tacticals with the “Hostile Environment Finish” that have never been exposed to an environment more hostile than the trip from the car trunk to the indoor range. With guns like these, “Not a scratch on it!” is something of which to be ashamed, not to brag on. I hereby resolve to call these “Minnie Pearl Guns” from now on.

It always amuses me when somebody spends big bucks on a defensive handgun. Although my reasons are slightly different than mentioned in the linked post.

First this opinion is based around concealed carry. If you want to use an expensive gun in competition that’s fine. But I find carrying an expensive gun to be a poor idea. My reasoning is several fold, but I have one main concern. God forbid you have to use your gun defensively you need to realize there is a very high chance the gun will be confiscated by the police for the investigation. Also realize there is a chance, a great one in some states and/or cities, that you will never see that gun again.

If you’re carrying a Glock or XD you’re out a little over $500.00. It sucks but it’s not the end of the world. If on the other hand you have a very nice tricked out 1911 you stand to lose a $1,000 or more investment. That doesn’t jive with me well. Of course somebody may decide to say I’m promoting the idea of carrying the cheapest gun possible, that isn’t true.

I’m advocating carrying a gun you know will go bang for a fair price. Reliability is key and there are many reliable guns for reasonable prices. Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, snubby revolvers, and the list goes on. They are very reliable and don’t cost a $1,000.

Anyways it’s just a side note I thought up when reading the linked post. When carrying a firearm you should consider the affect effects if you need to actually use your gun defensively.