Wrath, Rage, and Power Tools

OK there are some creativity points going out to Carolyn Paulsen-Riat. Her husband left her and she decided revenge was in order. But how could she do it? Well by rewiring his power tools to give him an electrical shock! From the article:

In the documents, deputies say the woman told them she had reversed the wires on his power tools because she was angry he was leaving.

I’m sorry but that’s funny and deliciously evil. Of course being this was an attack charges are in order:

Carolyn Paulsen-Riat was booked Friday into the Thurston County Jail for investigation of third-degree assault, domestic violence, and second-degree malicious mischief. A judge released the 33-year-old woman on her own recognizance.

Bad idea but certainly creative. I love it when psychos give me something to smile about in the morning.