More Smith and Wesson News From SHOT Show

This time it isn’t good as The Firearms Blog reports. The FBI nailed one of their executives for bribery. The FBI agents posted as representatives of an African nation and apparently the executive attempted to bribe them. Ouch!

Also expect the Brady Bunch and Bloomberg’s Posse to make a press release attempting to say this was due to weak gun laws.

2 thoughts on “More Smith and Wesson News From SHOT Show”

  1. The thing is, bribery is nearly a requirement in Africa, mid-east, and former communist nations.

    It’s not a crime, it’s a way of business.

    And the other aspect that is ironic, is that our government is ALWAYS buying off people in these countries. If it’s illegal for a U.S. citizen to do it, it should be illegal for our government to do it.

    1. That’s a very good point. Bribery makes the world go around in many countries.

      For instance in many nations if you get pulled over by a police officer it’s expected you hand them your papers with some money underneath. If the amount is right you go on your way, if it’s not and you won’t give more you’re going to spend some time in prison.

      In fact my co-worker who hails from Iraq said often times the police would pull you over and the hand signals they used when “interrogating you” indicated how much you “owed” them before they would let you be on your way.

      And these things aren’t limited to the police either. The same goes for businesses. In many places if your business wants to do business with another it’s expected that your company “grease the wheels” and give them a “gift.”

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