Well it’s been positively dead around here but fear not after this week things should start up again. Anyways since I have a little free time I thought I’d give my thoughts on a CLP I recently tried called Gunzilla.

One of my friends has been proclaiming it as pretty good stuff so I finally tried it. This stuff is pretty bloody awesome. The first thing to note is that Gunzilla is made from plant byproducts making it “all natural” or “organic” or whatever hippie name you want to attach to it. The bottom line is Gunzilla doesn’t have harsh chemicals common in cleaners. Better yet this CLP has very little smell; what little there is smells of vegetable oil.

So how does it clean? Pretty well. I took it after my AR-15 a couple nights ago to test it and the gun cleaned up pretty quickly. I will admit it wasn’t atrociously dirty by any means but it was the only gun that wasn’t cleaned so that’s what I had. Gunzilla cleaned it up very well although not noticeably better than most other cleaners on the market.

What Gunzilla did very well was lubricate. That stuff makes everything it touches turn into a slick and slippery mess. Of course this makes it less than fun to work with but it also means it will work great at reducing friction. I haven’t shot the AR-15 since cleaning it so I don’t know how well Gunzilla will hold up but I certainly will post my findings the next time I take the gun out.

Overall I’m impressed though. Somebody managed to make a CLP that doesn’t reek of chemical cleaner and it cleans. I’ll post a more proper review after trying it on more guns and getting some range time in with a gun cleaned with Gunzilla.