NRA Granted Divided Time in Chicago Case

Some news has appeared during my moving hiatus that I’m not very happy to hear. Via Snowflakes in Hell I found out the NRA was granted their divided time in the Chicago case in front of the Supreme Court.

Those of you unfamiliar with Supreme Court cases each side gets half an hour for their arguments. Within this half hour time space each side must also answer questions from the judges. This leaves little time for each side and losing 10 minutes, or 1/3, of the time to the NRA is going to really eat into Mr. Gura’s time.

I’m not happy with this outcome nor the NRA’s little ploy but I do understand their reasoning.

2 thoughts on “NRA Granted Divided Time in Chicago Case”

  1. What’s everyone’s fascination with Gura. Post oral arguments in Heller everyone wanted to string him up for giving away machine guns.

    Gura’s brief was overly heavy on P or I which most legal scholars believe has perhaps 1 or 2 votes at most on the Court. P or I is a longshot. While Gura briefly dealt with Due process, he spent only 6 or 7 pages on the issue.

    I understand NRA’s concern. Gura’s P or I argument is unlikely to prevail and NRA is simply trying to make sure all the arguments for incorporation are put before the court during oral arguments.

    1. Our fascination comes from the fact he’s proven himself to be extremely competent. He argued and won in Heller vs. DC which was about as high profile as you could get.

      I say if somebody has proven themselves capable we can consider them capable until they prove otherwise. I think Mr. Gura knows exactly what he’s doing.

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