Another Invention That Can Be Used For Good or Evil

Uh oh we have yet another invention on the market that can be used by both good guys and bad guys. Via Bruce Schneier’s blog I learned about this amazing invention.

The device is called the Impressioner. It’s an electronic device that can tell locksmiths how to cut a key for a lock. This would allow a locksmith to easily create a new key for a car lock without the whole trial and error things. Of course the article points out the device can be used by thieves as well.

What the article fails to point out is that car locks are incredibly insecure. With a simple device called a Slim Jim (A flat piece of sheet metal with a notch cut out of it) you can open the lock on almost any car door in a matter of seconds. In fact it’s much faster than trying to make a key. In other words people are getting worried about something that’s already broken.