More On Gunnies and Gamers

Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media has a good post about gunnies and gamers. His conclusion is pretty much the same as mine. Gunnies shouldn’t shun gamers:

But here’s the thing – yeah, those kids can be annoying at times. But instead of shunning them or casting them aside, I truly believe that we need to embrace the video game generation and their love of firearms.

I can’t agree more. And of course my invitation will always remain open to take any person with an interest in guns out to the range, including gamers.

2 thoughts on “More On Gunnies and Gamers”

  1. Both my boys are “gamers” and both love to shoot and each “owns” a handgun they sought out and paid for”under Dad’s” CCW. They both understnd the 4 rules, actually 5, Only handle them when Dad is present. The eldest also has a Mosin 91/30 which he received as a gift for Christmas. They are both good shots and the youngest is almost scary good. Both have .410 single shot Rossi youth shotguns their Grandfather bought them for passing the Firearms Safety course. The eldest has announced he wants to join the militsry “Army” when he graduates. And they both are trouble free kids..Hmmm how did that happen???

  2. Being a “gunny gamer” I have come across gamers that I cannot stand: 9 year olds that don’t shut up. As soon as I mute one, two more log on screaming about freaking chocolate milk and crap!
    Oh, and the games these days suck. The latest Call of Duty? Don’t play it online, you will cry. The weapons most commonly used are knives, revolvers, double barrel shotguns and Winchester 1887s!
    “Modern warfare” my ass! All that’s missing are cavalry sabers and Theodore Rosevelt!

    Sorry about the vitriol…

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