The Definition of Dumb Ass

Wow some people just don’t learn do they? Dip shit Peter Bethune of Sea Sheppard decided that the best way to avenge the loss of his organizations precious vessel was to board a Japanese whaling ship:

He had said he wanted to arrest the ship’s captain, Hiroyuki Komiya, for attempted murder, following a crash between the Shonan Maru 2 and Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil speedboat in January.

The gods of irony did shine down upon thee though as the Japanese crew, not being complete dip shits, caught the guy and are holding him. Right now the Japanese government is decided whether to file criminal charges against the left-wing extremist terrorist individual. The best part is if he’s charged he get’s a ticket to Japan for trial. Just to clarify by ticket I mean free boat ride.

One thought on “The Definition of Dumb Ass”

  1. Good riddance to him. his terrorism was making me sick (not to mention wasting valuable air time on Animal Planet better served with puppies or somthing).

    Hopefully he is tried in Japan. I hope he speaks the language there, they won’t speak his for him.

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