Look Closely, There’s Hysteria Ahead

I’m sure most of you know about the fiasco occurring at Colorado State University. The campus is trying to ban lawful carrying of concealed firearms by their student body. Well I found a rather interesting article about this. Why is it interesting? Because the article was written in such a way to appear neutral but most certainly is not. Let’s start here:

It is a debate that gets snarled in the conflicting logic of gun ownership rights and the simple notion that bullets and blackboards don’t mix.

Personally I don’t find disarming a populace simple logic. And of course:

Whenever a change in the rules is discussed, national groups rush in with their agendas. On Friday, the Colorado board of governors received a petition from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), a group that says young scholars stand a better chance of surviving the kind of rampage that occurred in Virginia if – as it were – they pack a pistol in their pencil case.

I’m unaware of anybody who carries that doesn’t use a holster. I certainly don’t know anybody who carries a gun in a pencil case. But we’re not done:

On the other side of the argument is Gun Free Kids, an organisation that began a “Keep Guns off Campus” campaign two years ago in response to the Virginia slaughter. It deploys research from law enforcement groups that suggests that there is no correlation between gun-toting citizens and lowered rates of violence.

I’m going to try and find their research. But since most colleges ban students and faculty from carrying on campus and all the major shootings have occurred on disarmed campuses it goes without saying that there is no correlation between armed citizens and lower rates of violence. It’s almost like the cowards who perform mass shootings seek out disarmed populations to enact their rage against. If only there was at least one state that allowed students to carry and didn’t have any occurrences of mass shootings. Oh wait:

“It really came down to two general issues, number one: best practices, just looking at what other universities are doing, and very, very few outside of the state of Utah allow concealed weapons on campus,” he said recently. “The second is risk management, and it really comes down to this university is responsible for managing risk on this campus of the students.”

That’s right Utah. In Utah you can carry on a state campus. Likewise Utah has had no mass shootings on a college campus since the enacting of their carry laws. No this is not proof, nor evidence, nor even a correlation. But it’s on par with what Gun Free Kids (How many kids are in college anyways? Most people there are 18 or older.) is presenting. Finally this is out of order in the article but alas I want to make a statement about it:

The group also says that there are few places where guns should be less welcome than on campuses. “With binge-drinking, drug use and the pressures that college students are under, we just think introducing guns into that environment, it’s the wrong thing to do,” said campaign director Andy Pelosi.

What person who has a concealed carry license is going to binge drink while carrying? Whom of those people are going to abuse drugs and risk losing their license? What college student “under pressure” is going to use a legally carried gun to do something nasty?

The bottom line is conceal carry license holders are some of the most law abiding citizens out there. Anyways consider this post a mini Truth About Guns episode without all the citations and work.