Brady Campaign Can’t Do Math

It looks like Dennis Henigan, a favorite punching bag for Truth About Guns, has written another article complaining that his little Brady Campaign is getting beaten up by the big back bully gun enthusiast. From Mr. Hennigan’s piece:

In case you missed it, last Saturday was “Starbucks Appreciation Day.” No, it was not a gesture of support from lovers of strong coffee (like me). The “appreciation” was on behalf of Americans who believe it is their sacred right to have a handgun with them wherever they go – even to carry it openly to make sure the rest of us know who are the real defenders of the Second Amendment.

Reason number one why businesses should support us gun owners, we’ll support you back. That’s right because Starbucks was good enough to recognize our rights in their establishments we threw an appreciation day and spent money at Starbucks. You treat us well and we’ll treat you well. Did the anti-gunners throw an appreciation day for California Pizza Kitchen and Peet’s Coffee and Tea after they issued their no girls guns allowed policy? Maybe you guys should try supporting those who share you views instead of ridiculing those who do not. Next up:

For a glimpse into its future as the corporate best friend of the gun-toters, Starbucks should consider the experience of a California restaurant chain, Buckhorn Grill. On February 6, a Buckhorn restaurant in Walnut Creek, California, was visited by about 100 men carrying their highly-visible guns. A recent New York Times editorial said this must have “looked like a casting call for a Sam Pekinpah shoot-‘m-up.” Shortly thereafter, Buckhorn’s management made clear that the restaurant had always had a “no weapons” policy and apologized for the “misunderstanding” that had led to the “open carry” event. How many gun carriers need to show up at Starbucks for the company to realize what a nightmare it is creating for its customers and employees?

Wait 100 paying customers is a nightmare? Really? Although I don’t own my own business I will say if I did I’d be ecstatic to have 100 people show up at my business to spend money on my goods and services. Heck I’d not only be happy but I’d treat them extremely well so they would return. And I love this paragraph:

Over 27,000 Americans so far have signed the “no guns” petition circulated by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and CREDO Action calling on Starbucks to keep guns out of its stores. Please join them by going to Tell Starbucks that, in your America, parents ought to be able to take their families into coffee shops without facing the intimidation and danger of guns.

27,000 signatures? That’s it? Really? Let’s do some math here. There are roughly 4,000,000 members of the NRA in this country. So the number of signatures they obtained is less than 1% (.675% to be exact) of the number of members of the NRA. Why is this important? It’s not really it’s just another method of showing the sheer scope of pro-gun people vs. anti-gun people and why businesses are better off catering to use than them.

Of course the important question lies in the title of the article which is called, “Starbucks Sticks To Its Guns. Why?”

Days of our Trailers points out the bloody obvious to Mr. Hennigan:

4+ million NRA members

>100K Brady Campaign supporters.

Do the math.

Apparently Mr. Hennigan has as much trouble with math as he does with basic logic.