Go Minnesota

So I just checked the Brady Bunch score card for Minnesota. We score 15 out of 100. No it’s not great but certainly better than many. My goal is 0 out of 100 for this great state. Personally I like to call their scorecard system the liberty score system. If you score it like golf where lower is better you can estimate how much liberty your state grants you as related to your right to keep and bear arms.

I won’t link to those dip shits directly but here the link for you to copy and paste:


Why no direct link? Because it can increase their ranking on some search engines. Yes I’m that spiteful.

One thought on “Go Minnesota”

  1. There numbers don’t make any sense … ok that’s a given but their not internally consistent either.
    For “Employers not forced to allow firearms on premises” we got a score of 0 infringement.
    But for “Colleges are not forced to allow firearms on campus” we got a score of 2 on infringement. MN law is treats both more or less the same.

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