End Of An Era

Well I knew this day would come eventually but alas it’s still rather sad. I received the following e-mail today:

Dear Developers,

For more than a year, Palm’s primary focus has been on webOS devices and
development. As development for legacy Palm devices has transitioned to new
development under webOS, we have made the decision to put all of our
resources into webOS development support. To this end, the Palm Developer
Network site (https://pdnet.palm.com), which supported legacy PalmOS and
Windows Mobile development for past-generation Palm devices, will be taken
offline effective April 30th. The PDN developer forums will be taken offline on
March 31st.

If you would like to continue development on a platform similar to PalmOS and
would like assistance, we suggest that you contact ACCESS CO., LTD. at
http://www.access-company.com. ACCESS currently supports its own proprietary
Garnet OS platform, which is a variant of PalmOS 5. ACCESS may be able to
provide you with assistance under one of ACCESS’ own support or developer
programs. Please note, that ACCESS CO., LTD and Palm, Inc. are not related or
affiliated companies, and any assistance you may receive from ACCESS shall be
subject solely to ACCESS’ own terms and conditions.

If you have development support issues for Windows Mobile applications, please
visit the Microsoft Developer Network for Windows Mobile at

We thank all of you for your support of PalmOS devices over the years, and hope
that you are all enjoying developing for webOS. If you haven’t started developing
for webOS, please visit http://developer.palm.com to learn more! We think you’ll
love the new platform.

Best regards,

The Palm Developer Team.

It appears as though Palm OS is officially dead (No longer supported). I’m glad I already have copies of everything I’ve used while developing on Palm OS. I really wish Access (The owners of Palm OS) would open source the aging system but I doubt that will ever happen.

On the upside they are also dropping support for Windows Mobile. Good riddance!