Fun With The Census

I’m sure those of you reading this site regularly realize I like to mess with people. I also recognize the census as an enumeration of the population only. On the other hand you get fined major change for not answering questions and fined even more if you answer untruthfully. So here is my guide to messing with the Census Bureau while filling out every answer and doing so truthfully.

If something requires a number remember Roman numerals are fun. This site has a hand decimal to Roman numeral converter you can use.

Filling out your phone number is different than you wages of course. Phone numbers usually appear 555-555-5555 but we never use the numbers as a value. Instead we use the numbers positionally saying the number is “five, five, five,” etc. So feel free to fill out the phone number as VVV-VVV-VVVV.

Gender is pretty straight forward unless of course your a hermaphrodite. I believe in that case you need to check both boxes. Also if you’re transgender it’s unclear if you are supposed to put down your genetic gender or your identified gender. So for those of you this applies to have fun with that.

You’ll notice the census is really keen on race. Well my race is human. I think that applies to everybody filling out the form.

I didn’t get any extended portion so I don’t know what fun you could have with that. But those are some fun games you can play with the Census Bureau. Also note this isn’t legal advice, it’s advice on how to fuck with people. If you fuck with somebody they are likely to fuck with you back so remember that.