Back in Free America

Well ladies and gentlemen I’m back in Minnesota. I was in New York on business and let me tell you I missed my carry piece. It felt good to strap that Glock 30 back onto my hip.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates but the Internet connectivity I had available wasn’t great. Many sites, including my own blog, were timing so I couldn’t post new stories. Likewise since I mentioned HotSpot VPN previously I would like to make a note that I was unable to get IRC to work while connected to their service. I’m not sure if it was related to lag or if they block IRC traffic but either way I wasn’t dreadfully happen about that.

In the time I was away it appears one major news item happened and that was the passing of the health insurance (It’s not care because the government isn’t doing anything there) “reform” bill. I haven’t said much about this on here because this is one of those items that I haven’t chosen to follow much. Yes it’s important since now the federal government has asserted even more control over our lives but I only have a limited amount of time in a day and hence I chose my items to follow carefully. Not to mention it was getting wall to wall coverage everywhere else and I knew it was going to pass after Obama started bribing offering deals to politicians in exchange for a yes vote. Anyways it’s through, I’m pissed about it, whatever.

The real issue though is the fact I’m a bit behind on gun news. I’m not sure if anything major happened in the gun rights arena or not but I’m going to find out. On a side note I’m most of the way through a new novel titled Daemon by Daniel Suarez (No worries it’s not an affiliate link). It’s a great title and when I’m finished I’ll do a little write up about it. Needless to say you should check it out.

Updates are probably going to remain slow for a day or two yet while I get back into the swing of things.