Danger of The Census

As everybody knows the United States Constitution requires the population of the United States be recorded every ten years. This is done by the Census Bureau and many of us are angry that they ask questions beyond what is constitutionally requires. Of course we’re called paranoid and asked what danger could possible exist by answering the other questions. Well that extra information has been used before to persecute a group of Americans.

The article talks about what happened shortly after the bombing at Pearl Harbor:

In the 1940 Census, the Census Bureau loudly assured people that their responses would be kept confidential. Within four days of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Census Bureau had produced a report listing the Japanese-American population in each county on the West Coast. The Census Bureau launched this project even before Congress declared war on Japan. The Census Bureau’s report helped the US Army round up more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans for concentration camps (later renamed “internment centers”).

Yup that extra “harmless” information in the Census helped the United States Army to round up a group of “undesirables.” If something has happened before it can happen again. People need to remember every time government tries to gain more information about you they will inevitably use it against you.