Reinforcements Have Arrived

A while ago Montana passed this country’s first Firearms Freedom Act. So under Montana law any gun produced in and made exclusively for sale and use in Montana are exempt from federal laws. Well the ATF decided to have none of that and brought legal repercussions against the state. Well Says Uncle let us know that reinforcements have arrived in the form of Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota. All three states, who also have firearms freedom acts of their own, filed friends of the count briefs on the side of Montana.

Although I wouldn’t put money on Montana winning (after all states have no sovereignty anymore) I would absolutely love it if they did. The federal government has been using the interstate commerce clause to strip the states of rights for a long while now. It’s about time the states stood up and said if goods and produced and sold within their borders it’s not interstate commerce and the federal government should keep their noses out of it.