A Shotgun For All Your Maverick Reploid Hunting Needs

The Firearm Blog let us know the solution has finally arrived for the rash of violent Reploid uprisings that have been happening recently. They are calling it the Maverick Hunter after the government sanctioned anti-Maverick task force. Maverick Hunter [the task force] representative Dr. Cain has this to say:

Although I understand peoples’ desire to have a means of defending themselves against the Mavericks, I must also urge caution. Reploids are incredibly powerful and humans should avoid head on confrontations. I also feel that Mossberg is providing a false sense of security with their new Maverick Hunter shotgun as I don’t see how a shotgun of any sort could reliably destroy a rouge Reploid.

Likewise famous Maverick Hunter X had the following to say:

Seriously? A shotgun? To fight Mavericks?! See this gun on my arm? Yeah it’s an energy weapon that first plasma. It’s not a shotgun because they can’t reliably penetrate the metal exoskeleton that Mavericks are constructed out of. This product is wholly irresponsible to advertise in this manner.

X has helped suppress no less than 8 Maverick uprisings.

Mossberg could not be reached for comment.

2 thoughts on “A Shotgun For All Your Maverick Reploid Hunting Needs”

  1. On the topic of the shotgun, I think I can wholly recommend the Maverick line. I’ve owned a Maverick 88 for a decade now (that was purchased used to boot) that has never let me down. It has jammed twice in the ten years I’ve owned it (both times were my fault)
    I am sure the new model will prove as good as I expect. Hopefully they come out with a short little side-by-side double soon. 18″ barrel with 11″ inch (AK size) length of pull and 34″ OAL all for under $300. that’d be perfect.

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