Bloomberg’s Gun Control Bill

Snowflakes in Hell brings us an article that explains Super Douche Mayor Bloomberg’s “gun show loophole” bill he’s been pushing through a recent national campaign. You know what the most important detail is though? The bill goes well beyond gun show regulations:

Or consider a licensed firearms dealer who never sets foot inside a gun show. He conducts all his sales from his store. The Bloomberg bill hugely increases various prison terms that can be imposed on licensed dealers. This has nothing to do with gun shows.

And of course this bill has nothing to do with any loophole either but is in essence a bill meant to stop gun shows in this country all together:

For example, gun show promoters do not sell guns. The promoters just operate the shows, renting table space to the people who do sell guns. The Bloomberg bill would give the U.S. attorney general unlimited power to impose fees and regulations on gun show operators. An anti-gun attorney general could make the fees so exorbitant that no one could operate a gun show. Extremely complex and time-consuming registration forms that would have to be filled out every week could also drive gun shows out of business.

So that’s how he plans to fix the improperly named “loophole.” No gun show, no problem apparently. This is how anti-gunners have to do things. They claim there is a problem and then they make a law that doesn’t address the problem itself but attempts to completely ban everything related to their believed problem.

I’ve addressed the fact that there is no gun show loophole. What the anti-gunners are trying to eliminate are property rights. Under current United States law (which can be different from state to state, I’m talking federal here) if you want to sell one of your guns you can, no problem. What Super Douche Bloomberg and his posse want is to require all gun sales, including private ones, to go through the NICS. Of course they also know that only federally licensed dealers can access the NICS and hence this bill would eliminate your right to sell a firearm that you own unless you pay a third party (a federally licensed dealer) to perform a NICS check and transfer. How would you like it if you had to go to a third party and pay them a fee in order to get permission to sell your car, television, table, or home? It doesn’t sound like a good thing when put into that context does it?

Make no mistake, Super Douche doesn’t hate guns he hates your right to do day to day tasks without being dependent on the government. To put it nicely he’s a power hungry control freak.