Another Glock .22 Conversion Kit

Gun Nuts Media let us know there is another .22 conversion kit in the market. It has the following features according to the website:

* 15 round polymer magazine
* Last round hold open
* Fits the GLOCK® models 17, 22, 34 and 35
* Factory GLOCK® sights
* 1-16” Twist chome moly steel barrel
* 4140 Blued steel slide

It looks to compare favorably to the Advantage Arms kit I have. But the big difference is Advantage Arms is a California company and thus their magazines are restricted to 10 rounds, this new one doesn’t have that limitation. Unfortunately this new kit comes in at $350.00 to $410.00 making it quite a bit more expensive than Advantage Arms kit which comes in at $265.00 if you can find one (that being a HUGE if).

I don’t think a higher capacity magazine is worth an additional $85.00 myself. But I’m waiting with anticipation for reviews to see if anything else the new kit does is worth the additional cost.

2 thoughts on “Another Glock .22 Conversion Kit”

  1. As a fellow AA conversion kit user, I was also intrigued by a higher capacity magazine. However, since Tactical Solutions owns Black Dog Machine (or vice versa), we might get a magazine that is compatible with the AA kit, similar to how Black Dog makes .22LR magazines for a lot of different AR conversions.

  2. The 22 1911 conversion from tactical solutions have been around for awhile. The general consensus is that the AA is a better kit. For the that type of money, you could get a marvel, which IS pretty much the cat’s meow. I am a fan of blackdog, but that’s allot of money for a conversion kit.

    I gotta go do pushups with my ak, and practice with my cave man eotech… bye

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