Respect Our Authority

This story can be labeled, “Only in America.” Five kids, California no less, were sent home on Cinco de Mayo for wearing shirts that had the American flag on them:

The five students — Daniel Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano, Dominic Maciel and Clayton Howard — were then told they must turn their T-shirts inside-out or be sent home, though it would not be considered a suspension. Rodriguez told the students he did not want any fights to break out between Mexican-American students celebrating their heritage and those wearing American flags.

Galli told NBC Bay Area, “They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it.”

Yup the kids weren’t allowed to display American colors in America because it might offend the students of Mexican heritage (whom are most likely American citizens and therefore shouldn’t be offended by people taking pride in their country).

Don’t get me wrong if you want to celebrate your heritage on any day by wearing the colors of your ancestor’s country by all means do it. You have that freedom because this country strongly believes in your right to free speech. But realize you are in America and therefore can not be offended by citizens celebrating their heritage of being American.