We Do Like Our Gear

Gun Free Zone brings up the fact that most of us in the gun community like our gear:

After that, we started to comment on what we carry besides our guns and people started to unload on top of the table: knives, multitools, lights, digital cameras, cellphones, cellphones with cameras, pens, pads, PDAs, spare ammo, etc. Nobody carry less than 2 knives besides the one in the multitool. Most carried one light and some two.

Most of us who carry a firearm like to be prepared in general. I know I haven’t left the domicile without some kind of Swiss Army Knife in my pocket since middle school. Now I carry all sorts of fun and exciting things. Granted I don’t have a folding knife, the only knife I have is on my Swiss Army Knife. I know I lose some credibility.

2 thoughts on “We Do Like Our Gear”

  1. About the knives, it depends on your state & jurisdiction’s laws. Florida CWP is very liberal about what you can carry and some of us tend to go stupid. This morning I had a swiss army knife, a Boker, a Cold Steel plus the knife in the Leatherman.:)

  2. Pegged me to a “T”. I haven’t left home without a pocket knife, unless forced, for over 50 years. I’m not dressed without one. I also carry “gear”. I don’t think it has much to do with “gun culture” as much as a guy thing.

    BTW..I also carry a Swiss Army pen at times. Pen, light knife blade, etc.

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