Brady Bunch vs. NRA Events

The Truth About Guns has a nice post up comparing the NRA convention to a Brady Campaign shindig. Let’s see all members of the NRA get to attend the convention at no cost (besides that of the membership) while the Brady Bunch want:

Sponsorship Levels
James S. Brady Council Table – $25,000
Power Table – $15,000
Benefactor Table – $10,000
Patron Table – $5,000
Sponsor Table – $3,000
Sarah Brady Activist – $1,500

Those who purchase tickets for $1,500 and above are invited to attend a special VIP cocktail reception with honoree Helen Thomas, Jim and Sarah Brady and Brady President Paul Helmke.

Individual Tickets
Friend Ticket – $500
Supporter Ticket – $250

Holy Hell! I guess when you’ve only got a handful of members you really have to milk them for everything you can get just to pay the bills. In this case the NRA certainly, excuse the pun, give you more bang for your buck.