Stupid Threats

So Arizona passed a piece of legislation that has pissed a good chunk of the country off. Needless to say Los Angeles voted on a boycott of all goods and services coming from Arizona to make a point. Of course as Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce points out it seems that Los Angeles is insinsere in that threat [PDF]:

In fact, approximately twenty-five percent of the electricity consumed in Los Angeles is generated by power plants in Arizona.

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation. I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.

Very well played Mr. Peirce.

One thought on “Stupid Threats”

  1. The unfortunate part is that most of the news stations over here (in commiefornia) are reporting it as “Arizona Threatens to Leave Los Angeles in the Dark”. Besides that, most of the people over here support the legislation. We are sick and tired of illegal immigrants feeling entitled to our money.

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