The Proper Use of Bayonets

Apparently somebody called Sir Sodomy on his remark about placing certain objects in certain locations. The Truth About Guns has the heads up about Daley and his fear of bayonets (and love of butt rape):

“It was a gun with a bayonet,” Daley said, referring to the weapon he picked up Thursday. “Just think, a gun with a bayonet. What is a bayonet used for?”

It’s used for rushing at the enemy when your five rounds in your fixed magazine in your bolt action rifle are expended. Thank God we finally invented “high-capacity” magazines that are quick to reload so we could do away with antiquated and barbaric bayonet runs!

Of course somebody pointed out the bloody obvious:

When it was suggested bayonets are not for sticking in butts, Daley replied, “Well, you stick it anyplace. It’s a bayonet, so let’s not make trivia about this.”

Yeah you can stick it anyplace, Sir Sodomy just prefers to stick it in the butt.