You Really Can’t Cure Stupid

It appears one of Sea Sheppard’s little nitwits is on trial in Japan. Peter Bethune was the former captain of the super high-tech speed boat Ady Gil before he parked it in front of a massive moving harpoon ship thinking the laws of physics could break for his righteous crusade (they didn’t). Well being one to blame other people for his fuck up he decided it would be a good idea to board the harpoon ship (after he was able to get a jet ski, it appears even Sea Sheppard wasn’t dumb enough to give this guy another expensive boat) to make a citizen’s arrest of the captain.

So what happens when one man illegal boards another vessel full of rightfully angry people? He gets arrested himself and sent to Tokyo for trail (he’s lucky if it were a Russian ship they would have probably dropped him in the middle of the sea on an inflatable dingy):

He pleaded guilty to four charges, including trespass and obstructing commercial activities, but denied a fifth charge of assault.

If convicted he could receive a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Pro tip: don’t trespass on other peoples’ property. Illegally boarding the Japanese whaling vessel is akin to breaking into somebody’s home. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what they are doing. If somebody doesn’t like the fact I own firearms they can’t break into my home and try to place me under citizen’s arrest.

3 thoughts on “You Really Can’t Cure Stupid”

  1. Words cannot adequately express just how amused, entertained, and happy I am at this outcome.

    This spineless little twat engaged in a blatant act of piracy, after maliciously endangering his own crew and the crew of another vessel, on top of destroying a positively gorgeous boat.

    Yeah, his idiotic ass should be hung out to dry, for a very long time.

    1. If I know the Japanese courts this guy is screwed. Hopefully a little jail time will make him reflect on his stupidity… oh wait never mind. He’s on a crusade which he believes is righteous and nothing will convince him otherwise.

      I think I’ll just quote Einstein, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

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