iPhone 4

So today is the big news day… at least in Apple circles. Apple officially announced the iPhone 4. So am I mad that I purchased an Evo 4G instead of waiting a couple days for the new iPhone announcement? Nope. I must say Apple threw some cool features into their latest phone but alas it’s still buckled down by Apple’s draconian App Store policies making it a wholly unusable device in my opinion. It’s also still locked to AT&T which is one phone company I personally never want to deal with.

But they did some cool shit. The new screen should look fantastic. I’m also impressed that Apple used the metal band running around the phone as an antena. One of the iPhone’s biggest problems has been reception and Apple appears to have found a method of correcting that in a rather clever way. They also have a video chat feature but it only works over Wi-Fi (meanwhile the video chat feature on my Evo works on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi but you have to pay for yet another service to used it).

Overall it’s pretty cool if you can stand AT&T and Apple’s App Store policies.