So a Police Officer Walks Into A Bar

Or in this case a cafe and is given the boot. This incident has been strumming up some controversy in some areas because a coffee shop booted a police officer out of their establishment. What few people seem to realize is the coffee house is called the Red and Black Cafe. Why is that significant? The colors represent anarcho-communism which is the political belief of the people who collectively own the cafe.

So the real story is a police officer walked into a cafe run by people who don’t like the police of any form of government at all. I’m not surprised he was shown the door in that case. What do I think about this? Well it’s their right to refuse service to anybody they want (in my opinion, not under the law’s opinion of course). If they don’t want to allow police officers into their establishment that is their right. At the same time the police are not legally obligated to protect anybody so since they are restricted from entering the business they could just as easily say they will not respond to any incidents that occur in that cafe. I think it’s a fair trade that would make everybody involved happy.