My Take on Top Shots

So the first episode of Top Shots aired but fortunately it also appeared on Hulu so I could watch it (I don’t have cable, nor basic, my television is a fancy computer monitor). I watched the first episode last night and figured I’d post my take.

It’s obvious to me that this is a reality T.V. show. The show is definitely banking more on the drama caused by the interaction of characters than the characters’ capabilities with the various firearms. Yes I know that’s how you get ratings but alas I was disappointed in how little historical information was given on each firearm. Normally I’d expect this but being this is airing on the History Channel I was expecting some, you know, history. At the very least it would have been nice if the show would have had a short thirty second clip on each firearm. Nothing special mind you just something to justify this show being on the History Channel.

Like all reality television shows at the end of the episode somebody was “voted off the island.” This was done by having people vote for who they wanted to kick off the show by shooting targets with said person’s name on it. It was obvious to me that the creators of this show were really striving for some relevancy to firearms there.

But this show is primarily about the drama with the shooting and firearms coming in second. I guess I knew that’s how it was going to be since it was a reality T.V. show but I was expecting at least some justification for it being aired on the History Channel. Having this show on the History Channel makes about as much sense as having wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel… oh wait that actually happened.

Yeah I’m disappointed to say the least. If feel bad having to say that since the show does at least portray shooting in a positive light which I really appreciate. But it’s a reality T.V. show and I hate reality television. Likewise it’s a good overall concept, a competition where participants are expected to perform courses of fire with a vast array of different firearms. A lot could be done to appease both your average viewer and gun nuts but the creators seem exclusively focused on average viewers (I don’t really blame them it’s a good move as far as ratings go).

Needless to say I won’t be watching this show but I’m glad it’s on air just for the positive portrayal of the shooting sports. I wish Caleb at Gun Nuts Media luck in the competition. It would be great to see him win.

2 thoughts on “My Take on Top Shots”

  1. Well, to be fair, they mentioned that the show would eventually start delving into “shots that changed the course of history”. Based on the first show, and the previews for the second, I am not quite seeing that yet, but maybe they are just shaking out the chaff, and will get down to the good stuff later on.

    Or they were blowing smoke up our barrels. Either way.

    1. Maybe they will eventually do a segment like that. The problem is they really need to do a lot of history before it will get rid of the stain that is reality television and until that stain is removed I don’t think I can stomach the series.

      I really hate reality television.

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