This is Why I Keep it Concealed

A Wisconsin man was held a gun point while he was open carrying. Now I’m all for open carry but there are consequences to every action. Open carrying a gun probably does work as a deterrent most of the time, but if it doesn’t deter the criminal they are going to see all the cards in your hand. That’s the main reason I don’t open carry most of the time (sometimes if I’m really lazy I’ll open carry while taking my trash out or something along those lines), I like the element of surprise.

I’m cagey with information to begin with and the last thing I want some random criminal to know is that I’ve got a gun (of course if that criminal knows me and reads this page he’ll know I have a gun but that’s targeted not random). This means I’ll have a few seconds upon drawing it where the criminal will be dealing with the new and unexpected criteria of an armed victim whom was thought a harmless threat.

But again if a criminal believes somebody is armed they are most likely going to go after somebody easier. Heck the story is so scarce on details we don’t even know if the criminal targeted the man because he was openly carrying or didn’t see the gun (you would be surprised how many people lack basic perception) until he was already sticking the man up.

One of the comments made by somebody who apparently knew the guy was interesting:

“It was kind of scary to just see him walking around all the time with that gun kind of just out in the open,” said Shambria Mayham Autman. She lives near Teutonia and Good Hope and said they called him “The guy with the gun.”

Well if it’s scary seeing the gun you should be helping to get concealed carry laws passing in Wisconsin. Right now the only way to carry a gun for protection in Wisconsin is openly. They are one of only two states that lack any form of concealed carry laws (even The Peoples’ Republic of California has a form of concealed carry law on hand).