Cellular Data Abuse

Most cellular phone companies have an “unlimited” data plan which really consists of “unlimited” data up to 5GB. Well when I purchased the Evo 4G Sprint required I pay another $10.00 a month for their premium data plan. Along with allowing me to use their 4G service which isn’t available in my area it supposedly also lifts the 5GB cap. The put the cap in place to ensure you don’t use what you paid for regulate those users who use “too much” data. I’m one of those people.

Today on my way to work I used a Motorola T505 to connect my phone to my radio. The T505 is a Bluetooth A2DP device that can broadcast the audio playing on your phone to an FM radio channel. I used it today to stream music from Last.fm over my 3G connection on my drive to work.

It worked pretty well I must say and certainly would qualify as a good way to abuse that data plan.