Because Taxing You Along Isn’t Enough

You know all those taxes your state and federal government steal from you (since you aren’t paying voluntarily it’s payment by force which is theft)? One of the things it’s supposed to pay for are public schools. The idea is a portion of your tax money goes to your local school and thus your kids get to go to school for free. Of course free is such an interesting term according to public schools since they make the parents pay for many things including notebooks, pencils, and other miscellaneous items.

Well Beverly High is kicking it up a notch by requiring all parents to buy MacBooks for their kids:

A new program at Beverly High will equip every student with a new laptop computer to prepare kids for a high-tech future. But there’s a catch.

The money for the $900 Apple MacBooks will come out of parents’ pockets.

Yes that’s right on top of taxes now parents have to purchase their kid an Apple MacBook. This is regardless of whether their kid already has a laptop if that laptop doesn’t happen to be a MacBook. Of course the benevolent school will provide a leasing mechanism for those poor unfortunates who can’t afford laptops. But anybody who has filled out and applied for financial aid from a public school knows it’s kind of like getting punched in the mouth for three hours straight. So how much will these laptops cost all together?

Providing laptops to all 1,200 students at Beverly High would cost the school about $1 million, Technology Director Judy Miller said. Last year, the district spent $66,569 on technology.

Wow that’s $1 million of wasted money if I’ve ever seen it. All that’s going to happen is kids will be playing Farmville in class instead of paying attention. Great. Your government at work people.