Obama is Smarter than You

At least according to CNN. Jay over at MArooned brings the fact that we’re all idiots compared to the Obamessiah. According to CNN:

President Obama’s speech on the gulf oil disaster may have gone over the heads of many in his audience, according to an analysis of the 18-minute talk released Wednesday.

Yup you’re too stupid to understand his brilliance. So sit down and shut up you stupid surf. Don’t criticize him, because you really have no fucking clue what he’s talking about you moron. Here’s one of the examples they cite:

He singled out this sentence from Obama as unfortunate: “That is why just after the rig sank, I assembled a team of our nation’s best scientists and engineers to tackle this challenge — a team led by Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and our nation’s secretary of energy.”

Yeah I’m sure a huge majority of Americans have trouble with large words such as scientists, engineers, challenge, and Nobel Prize-winning. Yup those are some complicated words all right. Woowee our president is a smart man.

What a bunch of pandering nitwits CNN’s analysts are.

One thought on “Obama is Smarter than You”

  1. Well, being his trained lapdogs, they had to come up with some kind of compelling reason for the fact that his speech said damned near nothing to any of his listeners, no matter how “educated” they might be.

    After all, if you start to let the Big Lie slip, people might stop believing in it…

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