That’s Odd it Appears the Evil Belgians Found Something

I’m still doing this on the phone so bear with me and realize the grammar and spelling in this post may be a little worse than usual which is already pretty bad.

Remember a short while back when the Belgian police raided the local Catholic diocese? Remember how outraged the Vatican was at this terrible atrocity and complete disrespect for sacred ground? Remember all the people outraged that this happened? Well it appears that the Belgian police found something rather strange:

The confidential court documents were found in recent days among the many documents on June 24 seizures were made in the archbishop’s palace in Mechelen. These reports among magistrates was only intended for the court.

The same goes for hundreds of photos from the Dutroux investigation and large parts of the court record of the victims Julie and Melissa. The investigators were in the archbishop’s palace, dozens of photographs of the ruins of their cells, to allow autopsies.

Some internal court documents, which were found to have conversations of an agent with a coded informant – an informant who registered with the police investigation and the actions that followed. Informant who claimed that Julie and Melissa were kidnapped and murdered by the Mafia Liege, but investigation by the investigators that the track was not credible. It’s a mystery what the researchers that documents in the basement of the archbishop did.

I’d say that’s was worth the raid and investigation right there. Let’s see how this one turns out.

Also yes I realize both links are run through Google Translate and therefore could be inaccurate but I originally came across these via episode 215 of No Agenda. One of the hosts is fluent in Dutch and provided the original information, hence I believe it’s accuracy.