What to Do if You’re Company is Failing

Sue somebody! Sharp as a Marble let us know that the good guys over at The Armed Citizen are being sued by a Las Vegas newspaper for “willfully copying content.” Translated into laymen terms that means The Armed Citizen blog reported news by sourcing a newspaper who is failing to make money and has no other business plan in place.

The main kicker here though is the fact the newspaper sued several blogs before even contacting them. Well I’m all for contacting people so here’s how to contact the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Las Vegas Review-Journal
1111 W. Bonanza Road
P.O. Box 70
Las Vegas, NV 89125

Main phone number:

Newspaper office number:

Let them know hos much you appreciate their news business strategy. Personally I recommend they put up a pay wall. That way us dirty bloggers can’t use their content and they’ll lose enough money as to fall into irrelevancy. Two birds meet one stone.