Defcon 18

OK this is going to serve as a heads up to everybody reading this site. I’m heading out to Defcom 18 in Las Vegas. Due to the fact I’m not really willing to touch any network within 50 miles for a hacker conference updates are going to be extremely sporadic if they show up at all. Defcon prides itself on have the most hostile network in the world and I’m staying in the same hotel as the conference is being held in meaning the entire network will be flooded with script kiddies as well as people who know what they’re doing. The bottom line is even cell phone calls aren’t safe (granted my phone is CDMA and therefore not threatened by that event but still I bet somebody has a means of spying on CDMA calls there as well). It should be a ton of fun though and yes this is what I consider a vacation.

Also it’s in Las Vegas meaning I’ll have 4G coverage. I’ll make sure to test the speeds on my Evo 4G and report on my findings. Then I can finally write up a conclusive review of the phone.

Either way I’ll try to get some stuff up on here during my vacation but I’m not promising anything.