But I Thought if You Cooperated with a Criminal You’d be Safe

Remember the anti-gunner rhetoric that you’re safer cooperating with a criminal, giving them what they want, and not resisting them? Those of us in the pro-self-defense community bring up the fact that cooperating with a person who has already openly stated they are willing to harm you is a bad idea because you have no guarantee that the criminal will tell the truth.

Here is a story about a man who cooperated with a mugger and it cost him his life:

Dropped off at Penn Station after a weekend trip to New York to visit his sister, 23-year-old Stephen Pitcairn was talking to his mother on his iPhone at about 11 p.m. and walking north in the 2600 block of St. Paul St. when a man and woman demanded money.

Police say he turned over his wallet, then took a knife to the chest.

A resident was in his home ironing when he saw three people who appeared to be fighting, then heard a scream. He ran outside, saw Pitcairn lying on his stomach in the gutter and called 911.

Sadly the knife wound proved to be fatal for Pitcairn. This should show that criminals are not always going to just take what they want and leave. If you’re ever in a self-defense situation you need to have a plan to fight back. That’s why those of us who carry guns, well, carry guns. It’s our plan to fight back and save the lives our our loved ones and our selves. Whether it be pepper spray, a gun, a collapsible baton, or a Tazer, you should have some means of fighting back should a criminal decide to threaten your well-being.

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