Your Government is Hard at Work

One thing we have to say about our federal government is that they certainly are hard working blokes. Take for instance the FBI. In essence they are a federal police force tasked with all sorts of jobs including granting government protection to exercise your second amendment rights in the form of NICS checks, enforcing interstate crimes, and of course spending your tax money trying to get Wikipedia to remove the FBI logo from the FBI article. Apparently they are using the following law:

18 U.S.C. 701 prohibits the manufacture, sale, or possession of any badge, identification card, or other insignia, of the design prescribed by the head of any department or agency of the United States for use by any officer or employee of that agency.

Funny because, as government employees, the FBI works for me. Combined with the fact that my tax money pays for their existence I’m entitled to reproduce the logo which I own since I paid for it. What law is does that fall under? Christopher Burg Fuckin’ Said So Law. Yeah it’s really obscure, good luck finding it.