Have I Got a Deal for You

I just found a great deal through Snowflakes in Hell and thought I’d share. There is a little sandwich shop that will give you two sandwiches (because I’m not calling them hoagies), a bag of chips, and a soda for the price of a firearm! With a sweet deal like that how could you pass it up? Apparently everybody has though:

Feeling compelled to do something, Pagliarella offered two hoagies, a soda and chips for each firearm brought to the store last week.

“I was hoping we would get one [gun], save one life and have one less gun on the street,” Pagliarella said.

But they received none.

Gee I can’t imagine why.

2 thoughts on “Have I Got a Deal for You”

  1. Too bad gun stores don’t offer the reverse: Bring us a PB&J, and we’ll give you that new subcompact Kimber I’ve been dreaming about.

    1. Yeah I tried that one on a local gun store and they said no can do. Sad because it seems like such a good deal.

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