Gun Safety from Henigan

It’s a lot like sex education from the Pope.

Snowflakes in Hell dissects the ramblings of a madman. As usual Sebastian does an excellent job of ripping apart the malarkey being spewed by Henigan. Now ignorance is just plain funny sometimes and sad at other times. This article is a severe case of the latter:

But human beings are prone to mistakes – they can be clumsy, or distracted, or rushed, for example – and guns are sufficiently complicated mechanisms that even the slightest mistake can result in tragedy.

This is not true of other widely available products used as weapons. As the late columnist and humorist Molly Ivins once observed, “People are seldom killed while cleaning their knives.” In fact, the great paradox of gun design is that guns are complicated enough to invite accidents by adults, yet simple enough to be fired by a child.

Could the Brady Bunch please provide me the number of people killed every year while cleaning their guns? Even somebody with as much bias at the Brady Bunch, whom will probably include suicides in their statistics, will have a hard time coming up with significant numbers.

But it does go to who the average intelligence of an anti-gunner when they consider a firearm a complex device. I think they’d shit themselves if they ever actually looked inside of their computers.