I’m by nature a meat eater. If it wasn’t for the fact that I often have something along with my steak, burger, pork chop, bacon, or other form of dead animal I’d be a complete carnivore.

The other side of the camp are vegans who eat no product derived from animals (which means milk for instance) and vegetarians who simply don’t eat meat. I have no problem with either of these groups what you eat is your choice just don’t try to force it upon me. Of course not I’ve noticed new terms popping up; flexatarian and inflexatarian.

Who are these groups? Apparently they’re people who don’t have the will to be vegetarians but want to hipster creds of not eating meat. Well because of these people I’ve decided to write a little mini-rant on terminology.

I have news for those who label themselves as flexatarians and inflexatarians, you’re omnivores. As an example an inflexatarian will say they’ll only eat meat three times a week. You know what that means? I means you’re still eating fucking meat. That makes you a carnivore. Being you also eat plant material that makes you an omnivore. You shouldn’t feel bad about that fact though since our species has evolved to be exactly that. Some our our teeth are made for grinding down plant material while other teeth are made for ripping into tasty animals.

Here’s the thing, your desire to make up new terminology to gain hipster creds is pointless. Hell I’ll go a step further, it’s fucking stupid. Vegans have a reason for a new term as they are distinctly different from vegetarians. Vegetarians have a reason for a new term as they are distinctly different from us meat eaters. But you little twits on the fence are not distinctly different than us meat eaters you just eat less meat. But hey in the spirit of things I’m making up a new term, fucking awesome!

What is the fucking awesome group? Well we are the group that ensures we eat more dead animal than plant material. We only eat plant material three times a week, tops. Beyond that everything we eat must be derived from a formerly living creature. At least two of those meals each week must come from a disgustingly cute animal to boot.