Good Idea that Needs Some Fine Tuning

A man in Australia has a good basic idea that would be great with a little fine tuning. Basically he claims to have a saltwater crocodile that can predict the outcome of Australia’s election:

He will put his powers to the test when two chickens of equal weight that bear photographs of the main party leaders are dangled over his enclosure.

Whichever the 5m (16ft) croc chooses will, according to his handlers, win this weekend’s election.

Overall I like this idea but believe there needs to be one change. Instead of dangling chickens bearing the pictures of the candidates over the crocodile I believe the actual candidates should be dangled over the crocodile. Whoever the crocodile chooses would be the de facto loser. This would also ensure only people who really wanted to run for office would do so, not just power hungry goons that are running now.

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