Why I Love Gunnies

I love being a gunnie because we’re all sarcastic pricks. Borepatch points out a thread on AR15.com where an author made the following request:

For a book that I am writing, I am interested in meeting/interviewing people who cache weapons. To get a sense of who I am and where I come from, look at www.danbaum.com, and also see the August issue of Harper’s magazine, where I wrote a piece about concealed carry. If you’re interested in talking to me, please email danbaum@me.com. Thank you.

No I’m not taking the time to remove his e-mail address, I don’t protect the stupid. Of course he got the standard response which was ridicule and members digging up the author’s anti-gun background.

On MNGunTalk we have a fellow drop by with the following request:

hey there. I have been assigned a project for my social behaviors class that involves me examIning a subculture of modern day society. I figured what better subculture to study than that of the gun buff. What i need to find out is what draws people to your subculture, what esablishes leaders and influances power withing said subculture, and any flaws or drawbacks caused from being in this cultural group. So i guess what i need from you guys is your input on these questions. if you could help me out that would be great. at the end of the study this will all be compiled into a final research paper that i will turn in for a grade. thank you.

We’ve been giving him the standard response of sarcasm and correcting his atrocious spelling and grammar. This is why I love the gun community, everybody is a prick so I fit right in.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Gunnies”

  1. I have been assigned a project for my social behaviors class that involves me examIning a subculture of modern day society.


    I don’t want to spend the time to actually figure out who the leaders are, why they’re leaders, and why people think the way they do. Instead, I want you to spoon feed the answer to me, which I will then regurgitate to the Professor.

    Please make sure to include inflammatory rhetoric that makes you look like a knuckle dragging neandertal, because I’m pretty sure my Prof is a leftie, and this will help my grade.


    1. That’s basically what he said except when you used proper grammar and spelling which is far and above what the kid did.

      Additionally progressing through the threat will reveal the kid does in fact realize he’s being lazy and believes it’s the fault of the generation before his. Yes he really loves the blame game.

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