Charging Bloggers for a Business License

Did you real the title of this post and think to yourself that it contained one of the dumbest ideas ever conceived? If you did congratulations you’re the target audience of this site. If you didn’t think that I’m sorry to say but you probably aren’t going to enjoy reading this blog.

Apparently Philadelphia is charging bloggers a $300 for a privileged license. So it’s finally come down to it, the requiring of a license to practice your first amendment rights. It’s nice to see the analogy that is often used by us gun rights activists isn’t so far off.

According to the article the city of Philly wants you to buy a license the second you make any form of profit. At least I’d be exempt from this as I don’t make a nickle off of this site. Then again I don’t pay much to keep it going either, just a small yearly fee to WordPress for my customer domain name. Either way we have good old big government doing what it does best, fucking over the people it’s supposedly serving.