Assange Shouldn’t Fly

A short while back I mentioned there was in interesting situation involving Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks. Rape charges were brought against him and then dropped almost as suddenly. It appears that the rape charges have been reinstated as well as the charges of molestation. Mr. Assange has stated the previous time these charges came up that he believed this to be a smear campaign and I actually find myself believing him.

It seems awfully convenient that these charges materialized so shortly after WikiLeaks posted confidential documents related to the war in Afghanistan. Fuel has just been added to the fire with the whole dropping of the charges due to lack of evidence only to have the charges brought back on the table. In my last post on this subject I mentioned the book Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA. One thing that book brings up is that a favorite way for the CIA to assassinate somebody is by sabotaging small personal aircraft. I’m just going to state that Mr. Assange would be wise not to get onto any small personal aircraft in the near future.