Another Crazy Greenie

Another crazy save the planet crusader bites the dust. This crazy fellow decided to walk into the headquarters for the Discovery Channel with metal cylinder strapped to his chest and a handgun. After entering the building he decided to take hostages and made some demands:

A man called James Lee of San Diego, California, was arrested outside Discovery’s headquarters in 2008 after throwing thousands of dollars into the air in protest against the network, according to The Gazette, a local newspaper.

Where was I when he did this? Shit I’d have taken that money. Oh yeah his demands sorry:

Mr Lee said he threw the money because Discovery’s programming had little to do with saving the planet.

He reportedly was also the author of the website, where he demanded that the Discovery Channel broadcast programmes that would help “to save the planet”.

Well Mr. Insano met the Washington D.C. hostage negotiation team whom promptly shot the dumbass dead. Case closed.