Play Big or Go Home

Iran sure ruffled some features when they brought their first nuclear power plant online. The United Nations (UN) is screaming for everybody to place sanctions against Iran because only members of the UN can have nuclear anything. Of course sanctions work about as well as scolding a misbehaving child but who care. Japan decided to play big and enact additional sanctions again Iran above and beyond those called for by the UN:

The measures – which go beyond than those imposed by the UN Security Council – ban transactions with some Iranian banks, and also target energy-related investments.

Oh yeah that will show those Iranians. Nothing will tell a country to fuck off like cutting off money going from your country to theirs… oh wait:

Japan is a major importer of Iranian crude oil, but did not impose any restrictions on oil imports from Iran.

So their still sending buckets of money to Iran. So much for playing big.