Everybody Stop, Taser Time

For your exhibition I present item number 151 in abuse of Taser by police officers. Man man fell down some steps at the front of the house an injured himself. His wife called the paramedics whom arrive, administered treatment, and left. As they were leaving they were greeted by a couple cops storming into the house and telling the injured man he was coming with them to the hospital:

The deputy tells McFarland he is going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal.

“We want to take you to the hospital for an evaluation, you said if you had a gun, you’d shoot yourself in the head,” the deputy can be heard saying.

McFarland says it was just hyperbole. He was tired and in pain.

The deputy orders him numerous times to get up or else.

“Stand up, put your hands behind your back or you’re going to be Tased,” the deputy says.

McFarland keeps refusing.

McFarland pretty much did what I’d have done, explained the remark was hyperbole and kept sitting. I guess I’d have also requested the police to remove themselves from my property in a kindly way. Well the police decided the passive resistance to their authoritah was violent enough to require the use of a Taser. Of course as with any police officer on a power trip with a Taser they keep telling the man to stop resisting as they’re actively Tasing him. How much less resistance can you get and convulsing on the ground uncontrollably? The whole time the wife was begging the police to stop and even explained that her husband had a heart condition.

At the very least these officers should be tossed into prison for attempted murder. Personally I believe the wife would have been well within her rights to shoot the officer with the Taser under the laws of self-defense (which generally extend to loved ones). Of course had she done that she’s spend the rest of her life in prison because you can’t shoot a police officer in self-defense, they’re above than you, me, and the law.