I Think There is More to This Story

I read the summary of a story on the BBC and have come to the conclusion we have some missing information:

A US man has killed himself after shooting dead five people, including his wife and stepdaughter, during an argument about his breakfast.

I’m guessing the man was mentally disturbed. This story also provides another example as to what relying on the police to arrive in a timely manner isn’t a good defensive strategy:

Neace apparently waited an hour for the police to arrive before shooting himself; police heard the shot as they drove up to the trailer.

You also have to appreciate this part:

Breathitt County is in Kentucky’s rural eastern region, where gun ownership is widespread.

Let me rephrase that for you, “The United States, where gun ownership is widespread and we’re proud of it!” What a lame attempt at trying to shove a little piece of anti-gun propaganda into a story. I’m sure the author believes if a story involving the improper use of firearms is being printed he’s duty bound to include some blurb about widespread gun ownership at a mechanism to place the thought into readers’ heads that high gun ownership means high gun crime rates. Prick.

This story is another example of a crazy nut job being a crazy nut job. Sometimes you just can’t avoid insanity in daily life. But hey, this is why I carry a gun when I go for breakfast, dinner, lunch, and every waking moment of the day that I can.