An Old Fashion Book Burning

In a bastion of free speech an expression no such thing as a book burning can take place:

The Defense Department is attempting to buy the entire first printing – 10,000 copies – of a memoir by a controversial former Defense Intelligence Agency officer so that the book can be destroyed, according to military and other sources.

So much for America being a bastion of free speech and expression. I’d say at least it’s going to cost them a lot of money to censor this book but it’s our taxpayer money so it’s actually costing us a lot of money to censor ourselves.

2 thoughts on “An Old Fashion Book Burning”

  1. When the publisher does a second printing, will they buy that out too? How about the third?

    This could be a very profitable line of work, for the author and publisher. For the taxpayer? Not so much.

    1. From the reviews I’ve been reading on Amazon I believe the second run of this book is going to be censored and “state approved.”

      But it certainly is an interesting exploit to make money. I wish I was in the know with privileged government information so I could write a book and know every copy is going to sell.

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