Evo 4G Update

My fears of dropped support were alleviated this morning (roughly 00:32 this morning that is) when Sprint finally pushed out an update to correct some of the major problems on the Evo 4G spawned by the Android 2.2 update. I haven’t had time to test much yet but here’s what I’ve noticed.

Syncing multiple GMail accounts now works again. I could tell this right away as my phone rebooted from the update and notified me of four new e-mails in my secondary account. Huzzah! That was the biggest annoyance I had with the Android 2.2 update.

The calendar bug has been fixed as well. Good to know.

The microphone button is back on the keyboard. This button was replaced by a keyboard language selector in the Android 2.2 update which really irked me. The microphone button brings up a speech to text input mechanism that actually works fairly well (it doesn’t do punctuation of course and sometimes it selects the wrong word if there are multiple spellings though).

I’ll note there seems to be general performance improvements in this update as well. Various phone functions such as bringing up the application menu seem to work a bit smoother now. Of course that could all be in my head.

I haven’t testing the Pandora sound quality and Last.fm song skipping issues I noted yet. Those two problems are tied for my number two biggest annoyance in the Android 2.2 update. If those are fixed I’ll be willing to forgive the most likely broken VPN support.

I’m glad my worries were incorrect and HTC didn’t decide to just drop support for the Evo. I’ve dealt with too many companies (Palm, HP, Sony) who made hand held devices and then dropped support a few scant months after release. I wish HTC would have been a little more upfront about their work on these problems just so us paranoid individuals knew something was going to be done. Either way something is fixed now which is good.

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